Nested linked tables not working on device


Problem: I have successfully tested nested linked tables in preview mode on my computer, and it works great. When pushed to the device, the screen locks up when trying to link a household member’s offspring, when creating a new instance in the reproductive history form.

Expected behavior: Each household member lists offspring that are alive or dead not currently living in the same house as them.

I have attached the xlsx forms in their folder locations for anyone keen to give me some pointers.
If there are ways of debugging what is going on while using the device, I’d appreciate any information regarding this.

Thank you very much,
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Hi @Kerian ! As you are new to the community, when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I’d also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

It looks like your query is based on household_id. I would recommend checking that id is recorded correctly in the household_census (you can check this in tables on the tablet) as an initial debugging step, in case there is a problem with that key variable in getting to the household member. It also looks like this key variable is not involved in the linking from the household_member to reproductive_history table. So if folks have the same names across households (this happens in a lot of countries) you will have duplicate and confusing/erroneous options. So suggest adding that to the selection.

I am guessing the main problem relates to the parent_1 variable, which is key to the query going from household member to reproductive history. Parent_1 is in the model for household_member but is not defined anywhere I can find. That will make it impossible to query on that variable since it will always be null. Checking that in the member in tables to make sure it appears will be very helpful too.

Hope that helps, but let us know follow-up issues!

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Thank you very much for the response.

I ended up creating a new form which is not nested under the members forms, as it became redundant and can be linked through relations at data crunch time.

I’ll be sure to introduce myself in the near future, definitely before the next issue pops up that I need to seek help for.

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