ODK-X Tables application

I have rest my server using services, and survey app is working fine too. But my ODK-X table app is giving this error. however the initialization is completing successfully and tables are visible from top 3 bars.

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To answer your question, the Cold Chain Management Application uses permissions to limit functionality to certain users. Therefore you need to be logged in (click on the sync button to login). A regular user needs to be in a specific group to match the data. If the user has either a “SUPER_USER” role or a “SITE_ADMIN” role they will be able to full privileges without worrying about group configuration.

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Hi, thank you for the response. My user has the following permissions already, can you please guide?

Generally, a person with those permissions should have full access. Can you provide us with more information? Where did you get a copy of the cold chain application? Did you push the data to the server and then synchronize from the server? I am not sure without more information.