[ODK2] Calculation


I have two fields pdlab1 and pdlarb1 and I would like a third one (ptb1) to be the sum of them when they are filled.

I have just set the third one to be = to pdlab1.

But when I run xlsconverter I have an error :

Thanks for any help


Got it
bad simple quotes when doing copy&paste between the sheets in libreoffice

Hi Karim,

Looks like I’ve come across the same error.
(My post, for reference - Expression in condition column not successfully evaluated)

I am also using LibreOffice Calc (sheets).
Could you please explain the solution to me? I am not sure what you mean by “bad simple quotes”.

Thank you for your time.

libreoffice puts bad quotes in my case
I saw that when doing a copy/paste in linux terminal

Thanks for your response, Karim.

You are right. Single quotes in OpenOffice generates the error. I copied a single quote from a working xlsx file and used it in the xlsx file where the error was generated. This solved the issue.

But it would great if you or someone else from the development community could explain the issue in detail for a fix would allow me to type in quotes from my keyboard rather than copy it from another xlsx file.

Thanks again!

That is a feature of LibreOffice/OpenOffice, they autocorrect quotes into smart quotes. You could turn that off in Tools > AutoCorrect Options… > Localized Options.

Hi Lin,

That worked like a charm! Thank you!

I’ve included a link to my original post asking about this issue, now with your solution detailed in the thread - Expression in condition column not successfully evaluated