ODK2 Tables / Survey: skipping the form opening

Hi ODKers,

I am building a project with tables / survey / sync and aggregate. Already did a home page for the app and I have some links to diverse forms. I am now wondering how to skip the form opening (the page with the ODK logo, the version, the last save etc…) and going straight to the first question of the survey.
I understand this page could be useful for some… But in my case my users dont care about these informations.

I dont mind coding as long as it doesnt touch the core apk of the 2.0 suite.

Any ideas?



I have the same question as Edouard. Is it possible to skip the form start page and go straight to the questions?

Yes it is.

You can create a Custom Initial Worksheet for Survey and it will open to the questions directly. However, make sure you supply the rowId as that is done on first screen and you will run into problems if you do not. For example, when launching the form from tables you can create the entry then launch the form using that entry. See the documentation: Using ODK-X XLSX Converter — ODK-X Docs

In the app designer examples, the Ethpopia_Members form has a changed “init” sheet so it doesn’t launch the first survey screen when adding household members.

Also I mentioned more about Creating a Custom Initial Worksheet in this post:

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