Partial ending the questionnaire

i have 14 sections in my odk form, but am having problems. interviewees are not willing to finish the questionnaire. how can i include the question : are you willing to continue with the questionnaire, after every section. and if one chooses ‘no’ as an option it goes to the end of the questionnaire

Hi @David_Kamaru ! As you are new to the community, when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

I just want to make sure you are asking about ODK-X, and not ODK (ODK help here:

For ODK-X, you can do this with a question asking exactly as you say, ask are you willing to continue the questionnaire, and then if they select no, use a finalize prompt. See ODK-X XLSX Converter Reference — ODK-X Docs for information on how to construct conditions for the if.