Select_one and select_multiple not holding data after finalizing the form

I have developed a form, deployed it on the tablet and tried to collect test data. The challenge is that select_one and select_multiple do not hold data after finalizing the form.
The selected choices do not show when I open the form for editing.

Kindly see below screenshots
This screenshot shows data was entered

When I open the form for editing the selected choices as indicacted above are empty

Could someone support please.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mmukhanya!

I would guess that you are having a problem that relates to how you have done the choices for the select_one. If you use a select_one and integers as the data values, it causes problems, you need to use select_one_integer or put the data values in quotes if you use select_one, for example, “2”

See also: Showing wrong Choice option as selected ODK-X - #2 by elmps2018

Hi @elmps2018

Thank you so much. This has resolved my problem.

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