Welcome Outreachy Applicants - Spring 2023

Welcome prospective Outreachy applicants! ODK-X is excited to be participating in Outreachy this spring!

About ODK-X
Data collection and management is a key component of social good efforts ranging from polio elimination to rainforest conservation to labor justice and the ODX-X project provides a tool suite which contains tools to meet those needs. ODK-X is a platform to build custom apps that enable users to manage and visualize their data just as well in the field as they do in the office.

If you have any questions about internships in general, please ask in the comments for this post! We prefer you use the forum for communication so all time zones can have a chance to respond. If you have a question that needs a real-time answer or just want to chat, you can find us on the internship Slack (Note that this invite link expires every so often, let us know below if it is not working). We also have channels for specific topics.

We aim to have all conversations in public to increase transparency and knowledge sharing. In this spirit, please refrain from messaging community members directly!

A high-level description of the Build System Project should serve as a starting point for what the internship will involve.

Getting Started

Applying to be an ODK-X intern
If you make and record a contribution you can then, at the end of the contribution period, submit your final application by April 3.

We recommend starting to discuss your project ideas as soon as you can! The earlier you start your contributions, the stronger your application will be.


Thank you @W_Brunette, excited to contribute to the project.


I’m so excited to contribute to ODK-X as an Outreachy applicant. It’s great to meet you @W_Brunette


Thanks, @W_Brunette, I am excited to contribute to this project.


@Burnleydev glad to have you onboard.


Thank you @W_Brunette. This is an amazing project and I’m excited to contribute.