Welcome Outreachy Applicants Winter 2022

Welcome Outreachy applicants! Thank you very much for your interest in contributing to ODK-X.

There’s been a great response to the project so far, with a lot of people asking to be assigned to issues.

To make a contribution, you can just start working on an issue and post your contribution back to the issue.

Applicants can start working on issues straight away, applicants no longer need to be assigned to an issue to start working on it.

Issues that can be used in an application
We have posted the following issues to be used in your Outreachy application:

We will post more issues over the next few days.

New issues added 16 October 2022

There are some good issues being raised in Github, but only the issues above will be considered for Outreachy applications.

Getting started

Thanks so much everyone!


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