Welcome Outreachy Winter 2023 Applicants!

Welcome prospective Outreachy applicants! ODK-X is excited to be participating in Outreachy this winter!

About ODK-X
Data collection and management is a key component of social good efforts ranging from polio elimination to rainforest conservation to labor justice and the ODX-X project provides a tool suite which contains tools to meet those needs. ODK-X is a platform to build custom apps that enable users to manage and visualize their data just as well in the field as they do in the office.

If you have any questions about internships in general, please ask in the comments for this post! We prefer you use the forum for communication so all time zones can have a chance to respond. If you have a question that needs a real-time answer or just want to chat, you can find us on the internship Slack (Note that this invite link expires every so often, let us know below if it is not working). We also have channels for specific topics.

We aim to have all conversations in public to increase transparency and knowledge sharing. In this spirit, please refrain from messaging community members directly!


We have three potential projects (details):

  • UI improvements to ODK-X Tables and Survey
  • Create Android tests for Services new file interface
  • Update and Improve ODK-X Documentation for New Release

Getting Started

  • Read over this post and Outreachy’s guidance for contributing very carefully and ask below if you have any questions
  • Look over the ODK-X website and ODK-X documentation to familiarize yourself with the project
  • Introduce yourself here
  • Join the internship Slack and talk to community members and mentors.
  • Check out the issues queue and find an issue you might want to work on - “good first issue” or “easy win” tags identify good issues to start with. Comment to request the issue be assigned to you and one of the mentors will follow up!

Applying to be an ODK-X intern
If you make and record a contribution you can then, at the end of the contribution period, submit your final application by October 30.

We recommend starting to discuss your project ideas as soon as you can! The earlier you start your contributions, the stronger your application will be.


Hi Caroline,

My name is Chioma, a Data Analyst from the Outreachy Internship program for Winter 2023.

I am eager to begin contributing, however, I need your guidance on how to start and make meaningful contributions on this project - What would you want to me do on the Project Update and Improve ODK-X Documentation for New Release.



Hi @Chioma! So the instructions above explain about the issues queue and requesting an issue. You can work on any issue that will showcase your skills. For the documentation project, you might want to look for issues with the docs tag. You can also always do line edits in the docs - this issue - Line edits in docs · Issue #207 · odk-x/tool-suite-X · GitHub. Reading the docs and getting your environment set up to contribute to the docs (see Contributing to ODK-X Docs — ODK-X Docs) are also important initial steps!

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Thank you @elmps2018 for the guidance so far.

Please help clarify if the issues on GitHub will be updated with ‘Outreachy winter 2023’ and ‘first good issue’ tags just like for the other seasons like ‘Outreachy spring 2023’.
This would help guide us on what to start with please.

Thank you again and regards,
Maria Angella

Hi @Maria5Angella! The tags “good first issue” and “easy win” have already been applied to a number of issues in the issues queue. Because we have a number of different possible projects this round, we do not have a specific outreachy tag for this round.

Hi @elmps2018 ,

Will get started with those then.

Thank you :blush:

@elmps2018 Thank you for the explanation. I have already requested to be assigned to an issue and can’t wait to start working on it.

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Thank you @elmps2018 for the warm welcome. My name is Chinedu, a Java Backend Developer and my initial application just got approved from Outreachy.

I have an observation as this is my first time to open source contribution, are we to contribute as well to the Outreachy spring 2023 starter issue, because the description says for Spring, but this is for the Winter period? Please can you kindly clarify this?

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Hi @elmps2018 the first good issues on the contribution page on GitHub are for Spring interns, are we allowed to work on them too, or wait for new issues?
Thank you

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You can refer to her reply to other outreachy applicants, you would get the answers to your questions and know exactly what to start working on. You can check out her reply to my mine as well.

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Hi @Chioma, yes I have gone through the replies, but I have observed that for this current Outreachy Winter 2023 period, I have not come across any “good first issues” or exactly what to work. You can give me a bit more clarification on that. I was following up on the issues of the GitHub, but none point towards Outreachy Winter 2023.

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I am a bit stagnant at this point

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The first thing you should do is follow Getting Started on the Docs website to familiarize yourself with ODK-X.

Since it was not clear, I have created an issue here: OUTREACHY SPRING 2023 STARTER ISSUE - Do this first · Issue #405 · odk-x/tool-suite-X · GitHub

NOTE: ALL of the ODK-X Outreachy winter 2023 projects involve the mobile apps so you should try them out so you gain experience with them.


Thank you @W_Brunette for the clarification


@W_Brunette Thank you so much for the clarification in the link provided on how to get started. Issues · odk-x/tool-suite-X · GitHub, I have a few questions;

  1. Are we to pick any form of our choice from the the list of the sample forms provided by ODK-X Survey and create a new instance for our own forms?
  2. After carrying out the task for the second stage of preparation, do we create a pull request for our forms rendered in Survey and custom view in Tables?
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Hello everyone, it’s my first time contributing to open source and I’ll really appreciate tips and pointers on how to successfully make my first contribution especially with documentations since I am a product manager .

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Hello everyone, I am Chinemere Chukwu, I am happy to be here, My skills include python, Django, flask, a bit of JavaScript and technical writing.
I hope to harness this skills in this community.

Thank you @elmps2018 your explanations so far has been so helpful

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Hello Everyone, I am Peace Ben, I am from Nigeria , I am a first time contributor, I write HTML, CSS and Javascript, I’m excited to contribute and collaborate with other contributors.

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Welcome! It’s nice to meet you Tolulope

I created a document that helped me understand how to contribute and navigate Github. If you still have further questions, you can reach out to me. Find it here: How to contribute to ODK-X community - Google Docs

@elmps2018 @Godswill I hope this is allowed, if not I could take it down.

I would also appreciate feedback, if I missed any links or requirements. Thank you

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@Redeem_Grimm @Godswill
Please, I’ll need clarification on this issue: Need for a sign-up UI in either ODK-X Surveys/Tables · Issue #425 · odk-x/tool-suite-X · GitHub

Am I expected to create a seamless sign up experience based on the flow in the current app while using ODK-X design guidelines?

Or I am to improve on the sign up process based on the screens and design guidelines in the reference that was shared. Screen Designs - GSoC'21@ODK-X - Google Docs

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