Android Studio and powershell issue

Hello Everyone, Jessica here again. I have an issue and i would appreciate anyone who can help me out. Its regarding finding cmd-tool in powershell after installing and extracting it from Android studio.
I followed all the instructions but it just keeps giving me error. I can’t send a screenshot here to explain better. If you might be able to help kindly contact me Thanks in advance. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::two_hearts:

Thank you so much. :pray::pray::pray:

Hi @Jessica_itepu! I moved this to a new issue rather than the introductions thread. Hopefully someone can respond here – also ask on Slack!

@Jessica_itepu can you upload a screenshot? in that case I’ll better understand the problem.

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Thank you so so much. I finally figured it out yesterday. :blush::pray::pray::pray:

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Thanks. It was showing error. Something not found. I eventually atumbled upon a youtube video that revealed what i had been doing wrong. Thank you so much :blush::pray:

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@Jessica_itepu Glad you found help. Problems like this helps you to learn more.

In case you need any other help, I’m always here.

Hiiii. I am back. (So early):slightly_smiling_face: And i need help. I have never performed a task on Android studio and its the kind of challenge i want to take on. I have downloaded and installed all the resources, but i need someone who knows how it actually works. I want to make the required changes to the odk apps and submit a pull request. Could you please put me through.

@Jessica_itepu Welcome back. Great job so far, First are you familiar with git? or github?

Thank you. :blush:
No this is my first interraction with git hub and i installed git as part of the required apps from the instruction page.

Try to go through this, I know it’s long but just do your best to grasps the basic concepts: Git and Github Fundamentals.

From there We’ll move forward.

If you hate reading, check out this vid: Git and Github Crash Course.

Let’s not rush the process since you’re completely new to open source.

Oh. I don’t mind long write ups… I will go through it.

Oh this should be easier to understand. Thank you

Hello :wave: @Redeem_Grimm i watched the video and tried my best to understand most part of it. Can we proceed to the next step?

Awesome :clap: :clap:, so tell me what’s git all about in your own words?

After that, create your github account if you don’t have one yet.

Git is used to track changes developers make to codes, especially useful when multiple people are working on the same project. It helps organise the process and avoid code conflict.

It allows for branching, this is particularly helpful in situation where a code isn’t tested yet and could distort the full work.
It allows a variety of ways to make changes and keeps proper records. For instance you can make changes on github or on visual studio code. With the right command, git accounts for them.

Please correct any wrong thing i said. If this is completely wrong, i have to go rewatch.

I already created a github account